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Developing high-end titanium industry

Baoji China Titanium International Titanium Industry Fair recently opened in Baoji City, Shaanxi Province Convention and Exhibition Center, the event to attract more than 150 domestic and foreign units and institutions exhibitors, also from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering and universities and research institutes more than 20 Experts and scholars come to attend. In the titanium Expo, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Cao Chunxiao Baoji titanium industry on the future direction of development and other issues, accepted the media interview.

Titanium industry is one of the traditional pillar industries in Baoji City of Shaanxi Province. It is also one of the four hundred billion industrial clusters to be built during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period. At present, Baoji titanium and titanium products supply 95% of the domestic military high-end market, 60% of the country, the world's 20%, by the relevant state ministries identified as the national high-tech high-tech industrial base, the National Torch Plan titanium industry base, Titanium materials, high-tech industrial base, etc., 2016 Baoji titanium industry output value of 35 billion yuan.

As one of the founders of the research and application of titanium alloy in China's aviation industry, Cao Xiaochun is amazed at the development of Baoji Titanium Industry and its contribution to the development of China's aviation industry. He told r eporters that Baoji has a number of leading enterprises in China's titanium industry, in the past few decades to make a great contribution, especially in the military aviation aircraft, such as fighters, large transport aircraft and many other models need titanium Alloy material. In civil aviation, China started late, has now the first flight of the C919 medium passenger aircraft, is China's first in accordance with the latest international airworthiness standards developed by the trunk of civil aircraft, in 2008 began to develop. C919 aircraft with 8% of the titanium alloy, the titanium alloy materials used mostly from the Baotan Group.

Cao Xiaochun is very concerned about the development of Baoji titanium industry, he believes that Baoji continue to grasp the new technology, product excellence, and constantly to the high-end development, which is Baoji titanium and titanium related industries in the future direction of development. "And abroad to continue to lead, as soon as possible to master the titanium alloy and other new, more difficult technology.Currently we Baoji brand has been set up, the next step to play more loud. In addition, but also in the improvement of technology , To reduce costs in the effort. Can not pollute the environment at the expense of development, and more contributions to the green economy. Baoji in the past done a lot of efforts in the future to maintain. "Cao Xiaochun said.

Baoji titanium industry on how to move towards high-end, "China Titanium Valley," the name of how to be more loud, Cao Xiaochun also support the move. He said that advanced products and processes are to rely on people to operate, so high-end in the final analysis, to implement the "talent" word, to cultivate a large number of scientific and technological personnel, production talent and high-quality workers, so Baoji to further Strengthen the training of personnel, the introduction. "Titanium products and related industries products, many are used in aviation and other fields, so the product for the sustained stability of the high demand. Baoji to high-end, to start the" China Titanium Valley "name, digital and intelligent Is the future development of a necessary direction, only these two do a good job, our products can continue to provide stability to the customer so that people can trust, the name is bound to become increasingly loud. "Cao Xiaochun said.